Soft skills training sessions for employees combined with learning English

Soft skills training sessions for employees, i.e. Soft Skills Workshops, is a unique combination of two elements in one workshop. The workshop includes integrated areas:

  • effective interpersonal communication and effective team work
  • with a simultaneous increase in English language skills.

Both areas belong to the business competences of the 21st century, which are essential in any development-oriented company.

The workshops are conducted in the form of 4-hour modules, with each module covering one topic:

  • Effective interpersonal and team communication
  • Principles of creative and effective team cooperation
  • SMART - setting and achieving goals
  • How to use the synergy effect? - Group roles in teamwork

Classes are conducted by International Language Institute teachers who are also business trainers and coaches.

English-speaking work environment

The task of the workshop is to educate the participants of the ability to carry out business tasks that require communication and cooperation in English. Through practical exercises, your company's employees will know:

  • how to build mutual understanding in a team and thus increase team commitment and effectiveness
  • the rules of effective team building
  • how important it is to properly set and plan to achieve your goal
  • how to generate a synergy effect in teamwork

Soft skills, hard effects

The business goals , that the workshop participants achieve are:

  • increasing communication skills
  • developing the ability to build and manage effective teams
  • increasing the ability to deal with difficult situations in communication and teamwork
  • increasing self-awareness related to the development of interpersonal communication and cooperation competences
  • personal and professional development

The language goals achieved by workshop participants are: :

  • developing the ability to carry out business tasks that require communication and cooperation in English
  • increasing linguistic competence in various professional and business situations
  • broadening the range of actively used vocabulary
  • developing the ability to use the English language spontaneously to achieve your communication and team goals

Training your employees in soft skills combined with practical learning of English is a very effective solution for companies working in an English-speaking environment. The workshop nature of the classes provides employees with tools and solutions that are modern and "ready to use".

The system combining business skills and language training has been developed by International Language Institute not only for soft training, but also hard business skills training. See what the training in business English negotiations or presentations looks like.

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