Audits vs Language

For several years, a special category of solutions for measuring the language level of employees has been available on the market. The solution is language audits. This form of exams has been prepared with companies and institutions in mind. They are more flexible, faster and easier to administer, so they are eagerly chosen by companies to confirm the language level of their employees.

International Language Institute has the means to conduct both language exams (we are the TELC and TOEiC examination center) and language audits for our clients. In both of these categories, we were pioneers on the Polish B2B market.


  Language certificate Language audit
Exam date Exam sessions are held at one time for all the employees in the company. Each examination has several sessions open to the public throughout the year and there is a possibility of organizing an on-demand examination session in the company Exams are carried out at any time, even for individual employees
Tested language skills All language skills are assessed, i.e. reading, listening, writing, speaking and grammar. All skills are assessed, in some audits, the customer can choose which skills they want to check in accordance with the company's needs, e.g. in a position related to international customer service - speaking and writing English will be of key importance, hence the need for assessing these skills in particular.
Length of the test The exam takes 3 to 4.5 hours.Depending on the type, it is carried out in one session (e.g. TOEFL) or in 2 sessions (e.g. Cambridge exams) The exam takes from 50 minutes to 2.2 hours. In the longest audits, the exam can be spread over 5 days which makes it easier to carry out even with a busy schedule
Form of the exam The exam consists of a written and an oral part. The speaking part is carried out by examiners (with the exception of the TOEFL exam which is conducted online) The exam is completely online.
Results Exam results are received after approx. 4 weeks. Students receive certificates after approx. 6 weeks. Results are obtained within  5 minutes to 72 hours depending on the type of exam.
Certificates are available immediately upon receiving the results.

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