German is the most frequently made language choice - right after the English language. Learning German in corporations and institutions is aimed at achieving the communicative level by the employees. This enables effective work in performing business roles in a German-speaking environment.

Types of German courses

  • General German - is organized in the form of one-year and one-semester courses that provide steady progress in all areas of the language. In this way, students develop all language skills, i.e. speaking, writing, reading and listening. The aim of this course is to use the language actively when communicating in German.
  • Business German is an increasingly common choice for employees and managers. Business language is introduced after the students achieve the communicative level. It focuses on the formal and informal language registers used in a multinational company and everyday business tools: from informal notes to official reports.
  • German for Specific Purposes - is taught after students achieve basic linguistic competence. It focuses on vocabulary and phrases characteristic in a specific industry and functional area of the company.
  • Conversational German - Conversational classes are focused on enriching students' vocabulary and achieving speech fluency. Conversations are generally conducted by native speakers. They are mostly based on authentic German-language materials in the form of articles, videos and social media.

German in the Blended Learning formula

The German language can be introduced in the modern Blended Learning system. It is a combination of the student's independent activity on the online platform with classes conducted by the teacher:

  • Classes conducted by a teacher - during these classes, students actively use the language in communicative situations created by the teacher. They simulate real-life situations that students will encounter in the work environment.
  • Online platform - while working on the platform, the students themselves consolidate the material that was actively used by them during the classes with the teacher. They can do it at any time and adjust the pace of work to their abilities.

Both Blended Learning modules are linked and synchronized with each other. The benefits for companies of using Blended Learning to learn in-company German are:

  • faster language progress
  • adapting the pace of learning to students' individual capabilities
  • fewer problems with organizing training rooms
  • more effective use of the training budget

In-company online German classes

German for companies has turned increasingly into a modern formula of online classes with a teacher. Online classes are eagerly used by companies that have a dispersed structure and mobile employees.

  • online classes can be conducted individually or in a small group of up to 4 people.
  • are held on the WizIQ platform, which is designed for online teaching.
  • students and the teacher communicate and see each other on the screen of a computer or tablet.
  • the classes do not differ from the classroom-based classes: they are oriented towards communication and interaction.

Main German ILI projects designed for companies

  • German for companies in Warsaw - the largest projects concern the technology industry, with Bosch at the forefront.
  • German for companies Krakow - the largest training programs are implemented for the new technology industry dominated by Motorola and ABB.
  • German for companies Wrocław - large dedicated programs in German are conducted for commercial companies such as Kaufland and 3M, companies from the health sector like Smith & Nephew and IT companies such as Capgemini.
  • German for companies Poznań - the main training projects are conducted for the commercial sector, led by Lidl. The second recipient of German-language projects is the IT industry with companies such as Capgemini and Setapp, and production companies such as Volkswagen.

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