Russian for companies has reached the very top of the most important corporate languages list. The possibilities of using the Russian language in business contacts with our eastern neighbors are slowly growing. The demand for this language has greatly increased due to a growing number of employees from Ukraine and Belarus. It requires the fast achievement of the communicative level in business and internal corporate relations.

Types of Russian courses

  • General Russian - General language courses focus on the stable development of all language skills that are essential for effective communication in the workplace. They are reading, listening, writing and speaking, which are based on a good command of vocabulary and grammar.
  • Business Russian - The business language is based on the formal vocabulary used in an international work environment and its related business formats. They include skills such as presentations, negotiations, sales, customer service and teamwork. Mastering the Russian business language is necessary to move to the managerial level in a company oriented towards eastern contractors.
  • Russian for Specific Purposes- Focuses on vocabulary related to a selected professional area, e.g. trade or logistics. The specialized language is developed after reaching the level of fluent communication in the general language.
  • Conversational French - conversation classes are conducted by native speakers. Their goal is advanced and precise communication. This is achieved by expanding the command of vocabulary and gaining fluency. The materials used in the conversation courses are authentic materials from the Russian media and the Internet.

Russian for companies - an online formula for classes with a teacher

Russian for companies is often chosen for the teacher-led online format of the lessons. Online language learning is eagerly used by multi-branch companies with many units scattered around Poland and Europe. The second category of companies that uses this type of courses is the company that focuses on teaching Russian to its mobile workers.

  • online classes are conducted by a teacher.
  • they can take the form of individual classes or a small group of up to 4 students.
  • communication between the teacher and the audience takes place via a computer or laptop screen.
  • With the use of the WizIQ platform for teaching, the teacher conducts a conversation with students, introduces interactive exercises and moderates the active use of the Russian language during classes..

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