Language certificates for companies

Language certificates are international exams confirming knowledge of a foreign language


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Language audits for companies

Audits are a flexible and tailored to the company's needs system for checking the language level of employees


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Language certificates and audits

Language exams and audits differ in form and level of adaptation to the needs of companies


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A language audit for companies is a special version of international exam that diagnoses the language level of your current or potential employees. It can be carried out online or on the companies’ premises.

Speed and flexibility

Language audits are created specifically for the needs of B2B , i.e. companies, corporations and institutions. Their structure and subject matter are similar to international exams, but unlike those exams, they are flexible, quick and easy to conduct.

They can be carried out online anywhere and at any time using a computer with Internet access and headphones with a microphone. Audit results are available after a maximum of 72 hours.

Comprehensive assessment

Language audits check all language skills

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Grammar and vocabulary

The speaking skill and language fluency are assessed either by a certified examiner or automatically. This is possible thanks to the use of speech and written text processing technology. The final result is very accurate and shows all your language skills.

A versatile tool

Language audits are used in many areas in the company where the knowledge of English is crucial and determines the competitive advantage. Audits are an ideal tool for:

  • language level assessment during recruitment processes
  • comparative analysis of the language knowledge of employees
  • identification of training needs
  • monitoring language progress
  • creating maps of employees' language competences

Comparisons of language audits for companies


Test name ILI audit Aptis Versant
languages assessed all English English
type of language general, business, specialist general general
tested language skills listening, writing, reading, grammar, speaking.


the audit may consist of selected components.

vocabulary and grammar as well as listening, writing, reading, speaking.


The audit may consist of vocabulary and grammar and selected components.

listening, writing, reading, grammar, speaking.
form of the exam online or in company online online
duration 30-90 minutes 142 minutes (can be divided into components and carried out within for 5 days) 50 minutes
The result shows overall CEFR score


detailed evaluation of speaking

recommendations for further study

overall CEFR score


detailed description of individual language skills

overall CEFR score


sdetailed description of individual language skills

recommendations for further study

test results availability Up to 24 hours 48-72 hours 5 minutes

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