Intensive Boot Camps

Fast success

Intensive training courses for the companies - Boot Camps - contain intensive classes set on reaching ambitious language targets in a short time.The classes are most often used to improve the employees' language proficiency in a short time span, in order to accomplish their business goals.

Training courses in the Boot Camp mode last from 4 to 8 weeks and can contain a daily language dose of 2 to 8 hours. The main target of the course is to get to the desired proficiency level in the chosen language. In case of an intensive language course, it’s often connected with confirmation of the acquired abilities by getting one of the language certificates aimed towards business.

Modern approach

Intensive courses for the companies “Boot Camp” are based on three elements:

  • intensive language work that allows for the fast and effective progress in learning a language
  • support of modern technologies aimed towards learning languages that optimize revision and make it easier to internalize learned knowledge.
  • the teacher is also a moderator who is responsible for the learning process and concentrates on the active use of knowledge acquired by the student. Teachers can teach “face-to-face” or online.

Versions tailored to the specific needs

Boot Camp intensive courses for companies, has 2 versions depending on the language goal established by the company:

  • Business Language Boot Camps
    The aim of this course is to quickly and comprehensively get ready for fulfilling different roles in an international and multicultural business environment through the development of the language skills essential to the common business procedures
  • General Language Boot Camps 
    The aim of this course is a radical and permanent progress in learning language on a general level. Boot camps focus on overcoming stagnation in advancement of linguistic abilities, enhancement of effortless speaking and the ability to spontaneously react in a foreign language.

Accelerated Language learning

The workshop for accelerated language learning “How to quickly learn a language” is the perfect addition for the intensive learning process offered by Boot Camps. It’s a system based on neurodidactics and adaptive learning designed by ILI to quickly and effectively learn the language material.

Do you want to know a detailed offer

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