Language e-Learning
for companies

A modern e-learning platform

Learning English with the e-learning system is the most flexible form of language learning on in-company courses. The e-learning material is made available through the online and mobile platform which can be accessed via computers, smartphones or tablets. As a result, it is available to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The division of the material into small portions in accordance with the principles of microlearning and mobile-learning makes it easier to master it even with busy work schedules and a small amount of free time. The small portions, into which the English language is divided, are easy to learn and to revise.

The International Language Institute has a dedicated platform for companies: ILI Multimedia. ILI Multimedia is a proprietary e-learning solution for learning English for companies which was developed by ILI to meet the the needs of our clients.

Attractive and natural language

Success in language e-learning is based on varied, multimedia exercises that increase student's involvement. The ILI Multimedia platform engages all language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening, which are interrelated in interactive exercises.

Practicing active speaking is possible thanks to the speech recognition and recording module. Users of the ILI Multimedia platform can practice English pronunciation and intonation of words and phrases from the material being processed. It is given in different varieties of English according to the International English principle, which simulates an international, English-speaking work environment.

Language e-learning extension for companies

The platform can be closely related to the lessons conducted by the teacher. Classes can be conducted by a teacher online or on company’s premises and take the form of regular meetings or flexible conversations. In this way, the language e-learning formula is extended to a very effective blended-learning formula.

  • The students learn the language material divided into individual lessons, on the ILI Multimedia platform on their own.
  • then, during the classes conducted by the teacher, students actively use the words and grammar rules learned on the platform in communication

Additional support for the students is provided by webinars matched with language material from the Multimedia platform and conducted by ILI teachers. Thanks to multi-directional communication with the teacher, students can actively practice key skills, and the teacher is able to moderate their progress.


Innovative e-learning solutions

The modern language platform ILI Multimedia can be used for independent language learning or in the blended-learning model. It has all the desired features:

  • It works on all devices, including mobile
  • It includes interactive exercises in attractive formats
  • It includes interactive exercises in attractive formats



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