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Accelerated language learning techniques

Language learning techniques workshop for companies "How to learn a language quickly and efficiently?" is a proprietary project of the International Language Institute prepared to meet the needs of our business clients.

The aim of the workshop is to familiarise the participants with the techniques enhancing the accelerated language learning process and equip them with the tools they can use also while learning a foreign language on their own.

All the techniques taught are "ready to use". In this way, workshop participants can use them immediately after the workshop. As a follow up, we provide a series of webinars that support the use of techniques and enhance motivation of the participants.

What do the workshops contain?

  • Individual language learning style - for each student we define an individual language learning style based on modalities and the dominant hemisphere. Workshop participants receive a "user manual" that includes personalized solutions for accelerated language learning.
  • Multisensory techniques - Participants will learn the techniques of memorizing information - especially words - in such a way that will change into their long-term and extensive memory traces. The techniques taught include mnemonics, a special version of Mind Mapping, incorporation and the "chunks" method.
  • Repetition techniques - How to keep remembered information - especially words - in mind and at the same time not waste time on frequent and boring repetition? This is possible due to special applications that optimize the learning process based on the analysis of the forgetting curves. A few minutes of work a day with the application is enough for the acquired knowledge to pass into long-term memory.

You can learn a foreign language faster!

Each participant of the foreign language learning techniques workshop:

  • can quickly master the vocabulary: up to 50 words a day by devoting about 15 minutes to the task
  • increases the retention of language material, i.e. the effectiveness of its memorization up to 90%
  • can transfer the learned techniques and their effects to other business areas in his/her work

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