In-company courses
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In company language courses: strengths

Language courses carried out on the company’s premises are courses aimed at sustainable building of language skills in the long term. The strengths of such a solution are:

  • language learning takes place at the client's location, i.e. employees do not have to waste time traveling to the place of study
  • face2face classes are conducive to the use of active language skills, especially speaking and communication
  • group activities and the use of group work methods fosters employees’ integration and creativity that can easily transfer to other areas of the company

How to increase the effectiveness of stationary language courses

Stationary in-company language courses are not only classes conducted by a teacher. The module of classes conducted by the teacher can be supported and associated with subsequent modules based on new technologies. Such a connection gives higher efficiency and enhances the speed of language learning by employees. Modern language solutions for companies that we run in this formula include:

  • blended learning, i.e. a combination of classes conducted by a teacher with an online platform. The teacher focuses on active language skills such as speaking or writing. Whereas passive language skills, such as listening or reading, are practiced independently by students on the online platform.
  • flipped classroom is a special version of blended learning. In this system, the student first gets to know the new language material in an attractive form of video or online article. In his own time and pace, the student practices words related to the introduced topic. Equipped with this knowledge, the student comes to a class conducted by a teacher, where s/he can actively and confidently use the acquired material.

We provide full project support

In-company language courses are fully supported by the International Language Institute. It includes, among others

  • online test to check the current language level of students
  • student progress test after each semester
  • developing the course program by the methodologist
  • training materials prepared to meet specific students’ needs
  • teacher’s conducting classes on company’s premises
  • access to the electronic Student's Zone
  • automatic attendance reporting system by Corpo zone
  • full administrative support (progress reports every semester, attendance reports every semester, satisfaction surveys every semester)
  • a dedicated project supervisor

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