Language courses
for companies

Language courses for companies are long-term courses that offer a stable and systematic development of all language skills. They last over 8 weeks. Language learning is conducted in various forms - from stationary courses, through online courses conducted by a teacher, to technological solutions such as e-learning, m-learning and blended-learning. The International Language Institute offers 21 languages: from the most popular languages such as English and German to Chinese or Turkish.

Language courses organized at the company's premises

Language courses organized at the company's premises are a convenient and effective form of classes for clients. .

Firstly, students save time. Secondly, thanks to the teacher's moderation, students quickly and easily begin to communicate in a foreign language.


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Online courses for companies

Online courses for companies is a language solution that is gaining a dominant position in language training.

This is due to its flexibility, lower costs and ease of organization. Such arguments are hard to resist


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Language e-learning for companies

Self-study on a modern language platform is a popular training solution.

E-learning can be easily combined with other forms of classes conducted by the teacher and thus enhancing its effectiveness.


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ILI students must be delighted  

At the International Language Institute, we know that language classes are to be not only effective, but also engaging for students. Thanks to this, high attendance and active participation during training are maintained, and the motivation of participants remains at a consistently high level. We achieve this effect thanks to a professional teaching team, energetic classes immersed in the ILI method and the integration of modern technologies. The level of student satisfaction is regularly checked and analyzed by project supervisors on the basis of satisfaction and class evaluation surveys.

Language courses for companies are tailored to students' needs

  • The duration and intensity of language training for the company is recommended by methodologists on the basis of customer specifications and a detailed analysis of training needs conducted before the start of classes. Classes are always tailored to the company's profile and the individual needs of the group or individual students.
  • International Language Institute specializes in language learning in companies with a dispersed structure over many cities such as Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław or smaller locations.

Modern Science: Blended Learning

Language training for companies can take the modern form of blended learning. It is a combination of classes conducted by a teacher with the student's own work on an online or mobile platform .

  • The online platform  is used for self-mastery of words and phrases that are combined into logical structures with the help of grammar. It also makes it easier for the trainee to revise and consolidate the acquired linguistic material.
  • The classes conducted by the teacher are focused on active communication with the help of consolidated words and phrases.

Both modules - the platform and the lessons taught by the teacher - are closely connected and synchronized. It is one of the most effective forms of learning a foreign language for companies. An additional benefit for the client is faster linguistic progress of the students and less occupancy of the company's office spaces.

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