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Flexible Online Conversations are an innovative formula for Business English classes. The system is simple and effective: your company allocates a certain number of minutes to its employees, and they independently choose online classes with a teacher from the available range of classes. This solution is especially recommended as a part of employees’ benefit system, due to its flexibility and adaptation to users.

Completely flexible

  • Flexibility of the solution – benefit for the student: with the use of special application, employees choose the date of the meeting, length, topic and teacher. They know perfectly well when they have time and when it is time for them to learn effectively, so they can choose the time of the class from 07.00 to 23.00. One week they can choose an individual conversation class on Tuesday at 10.00 am, and another week a group workshop on Wednesday at 10.00 pm
  • Flexibility of the solution – benefit for the company: the company can freely differentiate the purchase of minutes for employees depending on the month, budget and business goals.

Online conversations are 100% communication

During individual or group online meetings with the teacher, the students practice communication in situations that reflect real situations encountered in everyday life or in the work environment. This is the most effective form of language learning. Meetings last from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Students can choose a Polish or native teacher and adjust the type of conversation to their needs:

  • Speak freely is a free conversation on current topics
  • Professional is language conversations from the work environment, e.g. job interview
  • The workshop is a conversation focused on a selected language skill
  • Grammar are conversations in which selected grammatical structures are used in an active, communicative form

An even more effective solution

Students can combine conversations with the initial mastery of the selected material on the ILI Multimedia platform. First they learn a chosen "piece of language" and then actively use it in a conversation with the teacher. In this "flipped classroom" convention, the mastering and consolidating of the linguistic material is 30% more effective than in traditional forms of language classes.

The ILI Multimedia platform gives you unlimited 7/24 access to interactive English exercises, where you can improve all your language skills: vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, grammar and pronunciation. .

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