English for companies is the most common choice among the entire range of language solutions offered for that is made by corporations and institutions. Learning English in companies is most often focused on two goals: achieving a communicative level by employees and free movement in an international work environment.

angielski dla firm opiera się na komunikacji

Types of English for Business:

  • General English - these are stable and long-term courses that proportionately develop speaking, writing, listening and reading in appropriate grammatical contexts. At the lower levels, learning is focused on communication, at the higher levels - on the linguistic precision necessary to perform business roles.
  • Business English - This is the language used in an English-speaking work environment. Such an environment is characteristic of multinational corporations and companies with foreign customers and suppliers. Additionally, the courses can prepare you to pass one of the English business certificates. Business English is most commonly introduced from level B1, but ILI also offers Business English courses for beginners.
  • English for Specific Purposes - this is the language related to a particular profession and the company's specialization. The specialist language most often relates to the area of law, medicine, finance and logistics. It is recommended to start learning a specialized language after achieving a stable communication level.
  • Conversational English - this type of classes is focused on the development of vocabulary and fluency of speech. Conversation classes are usually conducted by native speakers and use authentic, multimedia language materials.
angielski dla firm ma wsparcie technologiczne

Language learning support

The English language for companies is supported by modern technological solutions. Each ILI student has access to the English Zone platform for independent English language learning.

With the help of the platform, the student can extend the material of the English language course implemented in the organization or actively repeat the acquired vocabulary and structures. The English Zone platform also enables the practice of speaking thanks to the speech recognition system.


English in the Blended Learning formula

Learning English in the company can take place in the innovative blended learning formula. It consists of combining group / individual classes conducted by the teacher with the student's independent learning carried out on the online platform.

  • Classes conducted by the teacher focus on the active use of language and communication
  • The online platform is dedicated to mastering vocabulary and phrases that are combined with the use of grammar. This is done by the students independently, at their own pace and with 24/7 access. The second task of the platform is the optimization of repetitions and the permanent consolidation of the learned material.

The language material on the online platform is synchronized with the material covered during the classes conducted by the teacher. Thanks to this solution, language learning is faster by approx.30 percent.

angielski dla firm online

Online English for corporations

English classes do not have to be held in the classroom. More and more companies are introducing a modern, mobile form of learning English - i.e. online English classes with a teacher.

  • online meetings take place individually or in a small group of up to 4 people.
  • online meetings are run on the WizIQ platform specially designed for conducting educational activities.
  • the teacher and the students see each other and talk to each other via the screen.
  • students use interactive tools available on the platform that increase their engagement and involvement in the activities.
angielski dla firm projekty

The largest English ILI projects for companies

  • English for companies Warsaw - the largest projects comprise the insurance industry, with companies such as Generali and Interrisk. The second biggest group consists of state institutions including GUS, UOKiK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UDT.
  • English for companies Krakow - dominating language projects comprise the technology and IT sectors with companies such as Motorola and ABB.
  • English for companies Wrocław - TOP 15 companies for which we provide language services are commercial companies such as Kaufland and several companies from the IT industry such as Sente or Coders House.
  • English for Poznań companies - the largest projects are implemented in the commercial industry with dedicated training programs for Lidl and Eurocash at the forefront, and for the automotive industry, with Volkswagen at the forefront. The second largest group consists of over a dozen companies from the broad IT industry, such as Komputronik, Dynamics Development or Intive.

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