Online courses
with a teacher

Online courses with a teacher

Online language courses, i.e. ILI Live,  is a flexible solution for any organization that provides in-company language learning for its employees The formula is especially recommended to companies:

  • with a distributed structure
  • with the culture of remote work
  • employing workers outside large cities
  • lanning classes at unusual hours

Online language learning is also a response to the expectations of the modern - active and mobile - generation of employees. They willingly participate in innovative and modern solutions introduced in the companies.

Savings in the training budget

The formula of online classes offers additional benefits  for the company:

  • it enables the creation of   one group with participants working in different locations
  • online classes do not require additional infrastructure in the form of  training rooms
  • online language course participants do not waste time   commutingto classes

Online courses with a teacher are flexible

Online in-company language classes can be held individually or in a group of up to 4 people. Employees take online classes from any place with the internet access. Dates of classes are flexible, adapted to the possibilities and needs of the employers and employees: before or after work, during working hours, on Saturdays.

Mobile technology is an additional benefit to the flexibility of online classes. The online course platforms used by the International Language Institute are fully responsive. This means that students can take part in the classes not only on computers, but also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Modern solutions mean faster learning

During live classes, the teacher provides students with interactive exercises, tools and films on a multimedia board. All exercises are multisensory. This is especially important for those students for whom the kinesthetic channel is the main channel of information processing. In this way, all trainees are always engaged and active.

Online classes are recorded and can be played by an absent student. Thanks to this, they do not lose contact with the material and the group and maintain the continuity of participation in the course.

Tailored communication during the online course

Students and the teacher see each other and interact on the screen of a computer or tablet. In this way, the classes are focused on natural and active communication. Using the example of the English language, we present 2 variants of online in-company courses:

  • general English online, focused on the simultaneous and proportional development of all language skills
  • online business English focused on the language used in an English-speaking work environment. Business English online courses are especially recommended for employees and managers who have a lot of business trips and need to respond to their language needs on an ongoing basis.

Support by technology

Online English for Business is supported by the eCampus self-study platform. In the case of online classes in German, these are platforms provided by our Partners. The platform is used in the modern blended learning formula:

  • to introduce material before class
  • or for after-class consolidation

Thanks to such solutions, language learning is faster and more effective. More information about the effects of this form of learning can be found on our blog.


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