REFERENCE LETTER – Rockwell Automation

REFERENCE LETTER – Rockwell Automation

Thank you very much,Rockwell Automation sp. o.o. for great reference letter for Language Solutions for Business


We would like to recommend the International Language Institute school with which we have been cooperating since 2013.

We constantly care for our employees by offering them a wide range of social benefits, including language courses: English, German, French, Russian, Czech, Chinese and Spanish.

Language training is offered by our company, especially to employees who communicate on a daily basis using specialized expressions in a foreign language during a contact with internal and external clients of the organization.

Looking for a suitable partner to improve language skills, we were seeking a company that would enable learning in many locations of our company in Poland, including Warsaw, Katowice and Gdansk

The lecturers of the International Language Institute are well-prepared, punctual, committed and conduct interesting activities for our employees. The course is adapted to the current knowledge of the language of the group and takes into account our business needs, including specific vocabulary.

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