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A team of professional foreign language teachers is our greatest potential. In order to keep the highest teaching standards, we cooperate with qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience.  We have a base of over 1000 teachers – which includes both Polish speakers who graduated from language studies faculties and language colleges and native speakers holding CTEFL (Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language), CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults), or DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults). The ranks of or teachers include persons who have higher education background, extensive teaching experience, and have spent a large portion of their lives abroad, and therefore their language proficiency is near-native.

Next to teaching qualifications, may of our teachers have specialist knowledge gained while studying another discipline or in the course of their professional careers. All our teachers have experience in teaching both individual students and groups, both general and business language. Teacher training is an important element of improving the qualifications of our teachers. Our teachers attend methodology workshops and conferences regularly. The work of all our teachers is monitored at all times by the methodologists of International Language Institute. One methodologist is assigned to each contract with a given client, who is responsible for the given contract from beginning to end in terms of methodology.

We select our teachers not only based on their qualifications, but also based on their character and personality. We appreciate diversity, because as there are different teachers, there are different clients, too. By hiring teachers exhibiting different personality traits, it makes it easier for us to select a proper teacher to a given group of students.

Business classes are run by a team of specialist teachers with a business background and a teacher training background for teaching Business English.

Legal classes are run by teachers, who have completed studies in law or administration or who lectured in legal language for many years (at Faculties of Law at universities or while preparing students for ILEC – International Legal English Certificates exam).