Intensive ILI language courses are a great way to quickly and effectively develop the language skills of employees.

In two months the employee can reach a level that requires at least six months of study. Prepares to perform a professional role in which it is necessary to use a business or specialized language.

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Our services

Online courses

Online courses
Over 20 languages, including Japanese, Polish for foreigners, Scandinavian language. Classes held at a special online platform. Possibility to contact the teacher while learning online

Soft skills

Soft skills

Language certificates

Language cerfiticates
We are an authorised exam centre of LCCI – London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We also offer general English exams JETSET and TELC exams..

Language audit

Language audit
We offer services on the area of: written audit online or in hard copies, oral tests in a different scopes, “customised” specialist testing in more than 20 languages.

Language courses

Language courses – International Language Institute offers courses: in all language of the world, general and business courses, professional and specialised.


We offer translations and interpreting in more than 20 languages, incliding: English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Scandinavian languages.


The classes offered by International Language Institute are developed based on the original method that we have developed over the years of our work with our business and individual clients. It is a modern teaching solution that is based both on the traditional communicative teaching method and the most recent developments in foreign language teaching.

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