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Since 2014 when our cooperation with International Language Institute began, we have been effectively and efficiently improving the command of the English language of our employees, which translates directly into the quality of customer service we offer.


ECOLAB is the global leader in the area of professional solutions related to hospital hygiene, textiles, food production, water recycling, or the energy sector. The group employs about 50,000 people all over the world. Our international character requires of us that we freely communicate in different foreign languages, this is why continuous improvement of the linguistic competence of our employees is the priority. International Language Institute carries out individual audit of the command of languages for us and adapts the form of classes to the needs of the student. The school offers individual and group classes both at our premises and outside. The classes are held by experienced teachers, including native speakers, in locations all over Poland.


Stable position in 80 countries of the world and the focus on the cement, aggregates and concrete makes Lafarge Holcim the world leader in the construction materials industry. Due to the international character of the group and the cooperation with local and foreign clients, linguistic knowledge of our employees is of key importance for us. Our employees and managers speak English every day to communicate with suppliers and clients all over the world in an effective and efficient manner. Since 2015, our employees have had the opportunity to improve their linguistic competencies also with the help of courses organised by International Language Institute all over Poland: in Gdańsk, Kielce, Koszalin, Kraków, Małogoszcz, Kujawy, Poznań, Rudawa, Warsaw, and Wrocław.


Reesco success is based on the qualified and competent team, composed of practitioners with many years of experience in engineering, real estate appraisal, architecture and construction site management. Their knowledge and experience guarantee that the expectations of event most demanding clients are met. We offer our services to both Polish and foreign clients, which is why linguistic competence is a priority for us. We have been looking for a business partner who would support us in learning and in improving linguistic skills of our personnel. Our employees use their linguistic skills to attend meetings with our partners, to give reports and presentations. International Language Institute held a comprehensive audit of foreign language levels in our employees and adjusted the methodology to fit our needs. At the moment, our employees study the language in 6 groups, depending on their language level. We have noticed a marked improvement in the quality of work and the ease of using the language by our employees.


Attending English language courses is one of the development solutions we offer to our employees. Anyone who is interested in such a course, including top managerial personnel, may attend it. When we were looking for a partner in the area of language courses, we were looking for a company that can offer language learning to people that work in different locations in Poland. As it turned out, International Language Institute met that requirement. International Language Institute’s teachers are always well-prepared, punctual, committed, and the classes they teach are interesting for our employees. The courses are adapted to the current command of the language in the group and take our business needs into consideration.


Our mission is to create the best possible working environment for our employees, and the key to do that is for example offering a wide range of employment benefits, including foreign language learning. At GK Interia, we have a policy of open access to free language courses for our employees. Our employees have the opportunity to attend individual or group courses, at our premises and in the schools of International Language Institute all over Poland. Before each course, ILI carries out an audit of the current language level to better adapt the level and scope of the language course to the needs of our employees, ILI also offers us a possibility to analyse the attendance and the learning progress. Students of ILI’s language courses appreciate high level of commitment exhibited by the teachers, their competencies and the fact that they are well prepared for the classes.

Urząd Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy

Under the contract, from September 2015 to June 2016, 7 groups were trained in the course of 608 teaching hours, 36 persons attended individual classes for the total number of 1199.65 teaching hours. In total, 128 employees of the City Hall of the capital city of Warsaw were trained. I am pleased to state that the training service was performed on time and properly, in line with the agreement and the curriculum.

Media Markt

Since March 2016, International Language Institute has been working with our employees to improve their command of English language. Knowing a language promotes more spontaneous communication and positively affects how the brand is recognized, and the employees are comfortable in their relations with clients, which in turn translates into better results of their work. Cooperation with International Language Institute is at a very high level. The Company took every effort to understand our needs. ILI conducted a linguistic audit of the level of our employees before the course began and adapted the level of the class to the skills and abilities of the group and the business objectives; dedicated classes were also prepared.


We certify that the Language Solutions for Business Sp. z o.o. company has been providing language trainings since October 2015 as a part of the cooperation. The school provides appropriate methodological supervision and administrative support.
We recommend it as a solid, reliable and trustworthy company and as a great business partner.

Infor (Polska) Sp. z o.o.

We certify that Language Solutions for Business Sp. z o.o. has been providing language courses for our employees since 2016.
This cooperation was undertaken due to the availability of teachers, wide offer of foreign languages and access to the HR Zone – an electronic attendance journal.
The courses are of German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Polish language for foreigners at levels from A0 to C1 / C2, which are used by a total of 23 groups.
The courses conducted by Language Solutions for Business Sp. z o.o. help our employees to increase their knowledge of foreign languages needed in their everyday work and develop their skills, depending on their language preferences
We recommend Language Solutions for Business Sp. z o.o. for the ability in adapting to the rapidly changing situation in our company and professional approach to customer’s requirements.

Clarena Sp. z o.o.

We certify that Language Solutions for Business Sp. z o.o. has been providing language courses for our employees since 2016.
This cooperation was undertaken due to the need to train employees.
Two groups are provided with English language classes at the basic and intermediate levels.
The courses conducted by Language Solutions for Business Sp. z o.o. help our employees to study the basics of a foreign language as well as to increase their knowledge of previosuly aquired language knowledge.
Lecturers conducting the classes for employees can be distinguished by very good substantive preparation and creativity in the selection of topics of classes and teaching materials.
We recommend Language Solutions for Business Sp. z o.o. for an excellent recognition of customer needs and reliability, flexibility and diversity in the implementation of classes.

Operator of Industrial Gas Pipelines GAZ-SYSTEM

Contractor, i.e. language Solutions for Business Sp. z o.o. based at Al. Jerozolimskie 123A in Warsaw,
has made on behalf of the Operator of Industrial Gas Pipelines GAZ-SYSTEM based at ul. Mszczonowska 4 in Warsaw, branch in Wrocław,
an order “Preparation and conducting an English language course”.
The scope of the contract included preparing and conducting group and individual English language courses for employees of the Wrocław Branch at three levels of advancement.
The service was provided with due diligence.